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Mixed Media, performance art, couture fashion, immersive installations. 207 Coxe Ave, #4 Asheville, NC

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​​​​Maat Tantra...​
African Tantric Wisdom is represented by Ma'at .
Tantra is also called Tantrism or Tantric religion. It is an ancient Kemetian and Indian tradition of beliefs, meditation, yoga and other ritual practices that seeks to channel divine energy. It is believed that through Tantra we may access the "God" state.  Maat a Kemet Goddess helps us to reach that God state. She is the personification of the basic laws, the secrets of life and all existence. She is Truth and embodies the highest spiritual philosophy of ancient Kemet. 

The ancient Kemetian Sciences and Cosmology revealed the path to the universal, which is the ability to possess a life, lived in a spiritual dimension. It is a life of continued growth and understanding. Maat shows the way we can to bring equilibrium to all aspects of our life, and going within to seek the universal (one song)... these dualities play out first within ourselves and then projected onto the world; Our goal is to become whole.
...What is Tantra?
Tantric ritual seeks to access the supra-mundane through the use of prana, which is the energy flowing through the univers Rituals are the main focus of the Tantras; rather than one coherent system, Tantra is an accumulation of practices and ideas. 

Although maithuna is the most famous form, there are a number of techniques (sadhana) are used as aids for meditation and achieving spiritual power. One may do yoga pranayana (breathing), yoga asana (poses), mudras (hand gestures), yantras (symbols), puja (ritual), vrata (vows), shadbkosh (art, music, dance), paranji (adornment) or maithuna (sexual union). I have explained a few below.
Tantric Sex
Divine Expression of Ascending and Sexual Union

Beyond the physical...

Tantric Sex goes beyond the physical. Sex is a spiritual practice that may expand ones consciousness and can become a pathway to another realm. Both masculine and feminine energy may merge together, creating one unified energy.

All about the physical...

Tantric Sex requires us to slow down and enjoy every physical pleasure. Through a set of rituals they enable you to reach new heights of sexual pleasure,which allows us to unlock the ancient power and healing within. 

May Be Directed

Sexual energy may be directed into other areas of your life. That energy may translate into creativity and a hightened state of consciousness. Tantra teaches ways to carry this intense focus of concentration into all areas of life.
Tantric Art
Divine Artisic Freedom
Alot of my art and creative expressions are dedicated to female deities and Pink Oshun within me. Manifestations of the Mother Goddess appear in many of my works. Goddess-worship became more tantric with the rise of the seven Matrikas, which are mentioned in the Mahabharata and the early Puranic literature.
And as previously mentioned, Tantra pre-dates to ancient Kenetic culture and may be continued to worship through Maat.

You can also see strong messages within my work; there is a divine artistic freedom to express my souls message to the world. Each piece is full of spiritual and political information that forces people to critically analyze the subject at hand. This directly affectts ones ability to think beyond the moment and even pushes one toward the edge towards another realm, towards a deeper understanding and ultimatly toward a higher level of consciousness.