Valeria Watson

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Mixed Media, performance art, couture fashion, immersive installations. 207 Coxe Ave, #4 Asheville, NC
I am an Artist
Creating From A Guided Spirit
This is the sound of a Loud Woman's voice calling her children home through Ancestor Walk Butoh, Art as ceremony with Osun and visiting our home temple in Osogbo, Nigeria for culture, art and healing. Making our home today the vision of tomorrow with fashion fantasy and cosplay.
Artist is the definitive way I see myself. Artist gives me the freedom to soar outside my body. Flying above the harsh life history would bequeath to me and mine. Born Black. Born female. I guess that is one of the last barriers wrought by patriarchy upon me.  Each day starting at my altar, whether cooking or joining with my beloved, there is a way, a tao that lives in the present moment, even though I approach it at times fearfully. I know through painting this world, immersing myself in this world; I bring it into reality. 

My art is made to heal me, relax me, center me, expose my unconscious fears and with butoh, paint, costume, parade, pantomime, drama, mold this healing way into a process and a healing business that benefits all who see, hear my songs, see or read about my art on social media or see one of my plays or films.  So there is the interweaving of prayer, and ceremony into all my work. That is how I challenge myself to use my magic which was once our natural way. 

There is called for an actual transfer of light to the viewer upon seeing in person or touching any of these items created by me.  That is part of my healing magic. I send out or step down Light and Love as I experience it in the higher realms of our reality.  Through art I am freed from concepts that society or inheritance has placed upon me through books and recording devices that portray my reality as a low and sordid thing.  Art is sacred to me and I hope to be able to continually share my immersive virtual interiors and the sacredness of nudity.
This Is My Story...
A Tale of an Artist, Oshun Priestess, and a Visionary
 My birth name is Valeria Watson but my initiated name in the Nigerian traditional religion of Yoruba, is "Yeye," which means mother, "Siju Osunyemi." So "Siju" is "she who sits beside wise elders" and "Osunyemi" means "Osun fits me." At first I didn't really understand what those meant, but over time, once you're initiated, all of that  became obvious to me.  Your name is your destiny, it describes you and your path. Your name changes as you do. When I initiate to Ifa, I will be given a new name.
The reality of our existence is so different from what we understand and what we're taught. We're more like big suns and we have this body.  I call this, living in the ashes. We're living in this memory. We're like the shooting star and this physical is like the ashes. I keep running around the camp! I keep running around the camp! I keep running around the camp with my torch. We Be Free Now, opressed and opressors alike. We were sent out to understand the world of our oppressors. I am a sent out one. I have seen the Truth and Lived the Truth and this pursuit has set me Free! ​
-Valeria Watson
I am a Priestess
An Authentic Priestess of Oshun
Born into American segregation, a Priestess who could not be kept down. Authentic teachings, with the Healing words and touch of Osun, a guide to a practical path of self knowledge and healing. Ase
I was first initiated in the United States by Baba Ifa Karade in 2000, but I wanted to go to Nigeria, so in 2006 I took a trip to Osgobo, Nigeria, which is the home of Osun. She's one of the deities in the Yoruba culture. It's a monotheistic religion, but these are different aspects, similar to  the saints in the Catholic Church.

People call it Ifa, or other people call it Orisha worship but Africans have a different world view than either East or West.  They don't categorize things like we do in the West because it's a holistic practice integrated into daily life seamlessly.  As we who were raised Christian say things mentioning Jesus or God, like God Bless you. Orisa practioners call to their deity for reasons small and large. It is to Ifa that the Babas and Iyas question before major life events.  Olodumare, is an all-encompassing deity,  there is no duality notion and no devil, there's nothing dividing us into  good and evil. All that came with the later religions.

& I am a Visionary
Transmuted by the Violet Flame
Make your World. Draw back the bow with Ocossi, aim at the goal, and release! Transmute karma with the Violet Flame, St. Germain and Afra. Get practical with Mend~Make~Market Affrilachia!
I like the definition; a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.' My message to all is it will be as you continually see it.  Ah, we are struck down by the yoke of slavery or enslaver, now the standing up and Mending of the mind. The repair or Making of yourself first a new and healed person. Self love, forgiveness, time in nature for nurture. So many are called out at this time to provide the places of healing for themselves and others. I have longed for community ever since I was forced to leave by the cruel taunts of fellow christians who tried to force me away from my true self.  Fortunately, my Ancestors loved me and prayed for my way through a world they ill prepared me for. But they did their best and everyday I thank my Ancestors. I thank my Mother Helen Ogg Watson and my Father Vernell Watson. I thank Osun and my Temple Home in Osogbo, Nigeria;  HATTAF, and Facebook. Facebook helped me find long lost family members and plan a Homecoming trip to Pellham, Texas, a historic black town, where my people from; black, white, indian.
So this healing way this Orisa Tao, started with Jesus, who kept His promise to be the Open Door. What will you do when you step through that door? Know who you are? That is what I can help you with. Prayer, meditation, getting back to nature. Walking barefoot on damp forest leaves. Building a barn, caring for goats and chickens. Picking herbs, tending the gardens. Healing like being Home. Practicing African Ancestral practices with like minded people. Exploring African Tantric practices, learning to love your body and to be responsible for its pleasure. practicing consent and compersion and compassion. Freeing ourselves of the hate and hate creation that is literally fed to us each day. Singing the new songs and creating the new music and dance. That is my vision.
Theses are my final steps in proving the way of Masters, Awo and Orisa devotees. The centering and ascending action which is written about but seldom witnessed is my mission. To take up the dross of this body, balance karma, iwa pele, ori tutu transmuting by spinning at a quicker vibration; the potential to change and have more light, intelligence and abundance here and now. The tempering of the release of light so this oncoming Golden age is a Peaceful transition. To practice compassionate Reparations to the descendants of the African Holocaust. So lets Market our products in a sustainable way. Lets grow healing, pure original foods and make clothing and shoes, books and films and art and craft to support the New Day. Ase