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Mixed Media, performance art, couture fashion, immersive installations. 207 Coxe Ave, #4 Asheville, NC
In Osogbo, Nigeria an African American woman was initiated as a Priestess of Osun. She traveled to the mother lands, to trace her ancestral bloodline back to the original religious practices of her people and studied the Orisa practices in the most authentic way. Yeye Siju Osunyemi  the artist, Valeria Ann Watson, returned to the Western world a Priestess with a unique position as an artist and visionary from the Diaspora .

An Artist is incomplete until she is initiated.  This is how an Artist reconnected to her West African roots.
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  1. The Priestess
    Born into American segregation, this Priestess could not be kept down. With her authentic teachings, the Healing words and touch of Osun she may guide you to a practical path of self knowledge and healing. Ase
  2. The Artist
    This is the sound of a Loud Woman's voice calling her children home through Ancestor Walk Butoh, Art as ceremony with Osun and visiting our home temple in Osogbo, Nigeria for culture, art and healing.
  3. The Visionary
    Make your World. Draw back the bow with Ocossi, aim at the goal, and release! Transmute karma with the Violet Flame, St. Germain and Afra. Get practical with Mend~Make~Market Affrilachia!
"We're like the shooting star and this physical is like the ashes.... I have seen the Truth and Lived the Truth and this pursuit has set me Free! Ase Ore Yeye Osun, Mother Who is Full of Understanding."      ​~Yeye Siju Osunyemi/Valeria Watson
Art is a path that leads to self knowledge, freedom & spirit
You are invited to take this journey with Yeye Siju Osunyemi/Valeria Watson. There are many ways she is guided and she shares messages from spirit through multiple mediums. You can watch her weekly podcast or her lessons posted on Youtube, read regular entries in her blog, "She Speaks", or get the full version of her practice on DVD including a 40 page booklet.

Click Here To See, "Priestess of Osun, My Practice" by Yeye Siju Osunyemi.

Also stay tuned for events, retreats and other sacred spaces where you can share physical space with her.
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